How To Prepare For YOur Newborn Session

Helping to prepare your baby before the session is super important. My two biggest requests are to:

1 - Keep baby awake for 1-2 hours prior to the session. Baths are a great way to wear them out!

2 - Feed right before coming and then again if you need to top off when you arrive. I also highly recommend bringing a bottle or two because it usually helps the session to go a little quicker if we can potentially leave him/her where he/she is to eat and keep going. 

Sometimes families choose not to use a paci and I can absolutely respect that - if you are choosing not to use a paci at home, please consider allowing me to use one while working with your baby. It is only a few moments here and there and can often make the photo session go much much smoother if baby has something extra to comfort them through transitions.

It helps to bring baby in just a diaper (wrapped up in blankets as needed, of course) or an easy to remove outfit (zip up/button up) so there's no need to wake them after that good car sleep.

Newborn sessions are best scheduled when the baby is 5-14 days old. Older babies are more aware of their surroundings and startle more easily.
What to wear (You may bring your own or use any gowns from my studio wardrobe)

I recommend wearing colors in nature or gem tones (slate blue, cream, burgundy, green, yellow, brown, purple). If you want the light and airy look, I recommend off white or cream. Moms, I have a studio wardrobe you are welcome to use or feel free to bring your own outfit. Dads, an earth tone top and khakis will coordinate with almost anything mom and baby are wearing. If you have additional children, earth tone cotton dresses are great for little girls and khakis and a coordinating top are great for little boys. No need to worry about the baby I have everything they need!